Wednesday, 11 August 2010

It Arrived!

....and it (they) is (are) incredible!
Di's package of treasure arrived late yesterday afternoon in the mail and I could hardly breathe as I opened it.....
You have known me well in such a short time, dear Di, and I absolutely love what you have sent to me.
I know that it comes directly from your heart and I will carry "bird talk" with me everywhere I go! Honestly.........these little gems are filled with so much love and good fortune that I cannot imagine leaving them at home to gather dust. They must travel forth into the world - kinda like Flat Oolie!

Thank you so very much, dear Di, from the tip of my heart.



  1. Thank god they have actually arrived stateside! Just the Aussies and Sam to go now!
    I'm so thrilled that u love them Jone - I hope they do bring you great good fortune - you deserve it! And how lovely to have made a talismanic object! -I'm glad u liked my little collage with your lovely birds and the remains of the page from the French book - i've had great mileage out of that - thanks to u!
    I've so enjoyed making them all - mind u the post could have hurried along - patience is not my strong suit! Xxdi
    Enjoy them

  2. What a treasure. Very nice Di. I have enjoyed seeing them all