Monday, 2 August 2010


Deep in the dusty depths of that most famous brocante near Briancon i found a real treasure-an original edition of the beautiful Becassine, Becassine is the earliest female comic strip protagonist. She first appeared on 02 February, 1905 in the French children's magazine La Semaine de Suzette ("Suzette's Week"). Becassine is a young provincial Breton girl and was originally created to fill the blank spaces of the magazine, but later had her own comic strip. Here are some of the pages of this edition! I really love the way it has been printed with the overlay of dotscreen and its haphazard registration.....


  1. thank you for posting these!
    I was just looking at my sketches from that book and realized I did nothing in the way of photos or copies to remember it...
    Now, I have reference!

    what a find, Danielle!!!

  2. I love the colour and the line she uses! My best bit is the nun-type person driving in the cover - such expression in so few lines is a remarkably skilled hand. Great find fill of inspiration - well spotted! Xxdi