Thursday, 30 June 2011


Thought I'd share these lovely blossoms with you this morning....
Aren't the colors fab?
And, here is my personal inchie project so far.
I worked on it a bit last week at the camp, while facilitating
others doing their wonderful embroideries.
The toadstools are for you ALL!

Still don't know what to do for the group inchies.
I guess I will just have to be patient
and see what it needs once I get it.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Plucked these beautiful garlic bulbs from the soil. They looked so lovely that I couldn't resist lying them out and it made me think of the plates on the blog and all our collecting. I recently too, went on a 2 day course run by Rachel Hazell (at last) and she recommended looking at the website which shows a new collection of things everyday, it is worth a look. Joanna

Tangled up in blue

Mainly I repair trousers, boys trousers, using blue thread.


Monday, 20 June 2011



Just a quick post with a few pics of my sister's beach hut interior which we have just recently finished!

The first picture is her former hut (which my niece now rents out):

And here is her new hut, which due to her colour choice, has a golden glow all day and into the evening!

Its taken us a good few weekends of real hard graft to get to this point but it is a little piece of heaven for her now.

This is her new light shade, made by recycling the shell blind in her first hut! It puts me in mind of Jo's crocheting friend's jellyfish.

Sorry for the lack of communication of late, work very manic, weekends working on beach huts and problems with logging on to blogger and internet access have combined to keep me out of touch but work on my hut is underway and thats all the huts done (bar painting the outside again before winter) then im on tinkering by the sea for a day a week - hurrah!

This one was taken one evening last year .................. but the very best bit is the sunsets on long summer evenings ...... get a load of this girls!

Love to all !



Sunday, 19 June 2011


Oh dear Di - you were on my mind yesterday
when I found this booth at the Art Fair on the plaza!
This woman designs these treats and partners with her cousin
to make the charms to sell all over the place!



I was in heaven - wishing for you to be there, too!
BIG baskets filled with little treasures!
Below is the site to see what they have.
I like what they do - and they do it really well!!!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

new embroidery!

Hey! Check out a couple of the new embroidery designs I designed for "Embroidables"

I just got the images this morning and couldn't wait to share them with you.
For more of the designs, check out:

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hi everyone, thought I would share pictures from our second artist market I am running with a friend in my small community. These are pictures of my stall, the market venue and some of my work close up (little landscapes made from vintage material).

TIN snips

The Creative Girls got together today for our June meeting....

........and we cut TIN!

We cut off the tops and bottoms of soda cans and beer cans and found that the metal is so thin and easy to cut that we could make all kinds of things!
Here is a look at some of the stuff we made:

birds cut from Arizona Iced Tea cans

an unfinished piece

a Tecate butterfly

Beth's cut-outs
butterfly, flaming sacred heart, bird and
Virgin of Guadalupe

4 Guadalupes
all different, pretty cool

Saturday, 11 June 2011


I know that I am the last person who will be receiving the inchies.....
And, I know that everyone else is doing the most amazing little inch that we will have ever seen.......
And, I am panicking!
So, last night I picked up a piece that I started in the spring....and added some new little inches of design. I consider it a "practice piece" because the bar is already so darn high - whew!
I have so many ideas and have absolutely NO IDEA what I will do for the final inch.
Maybe I should just play and not worry about it. It will probably (hopefully!) hit me the minute it arrives - how to "round out" the whole thing.......

I think about all of you every, single day of my life and am so grateful for each of you.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My friend Suzi Stow has just started to take classes making gorgeous fascinators in London. She's absolutely fabulous and lots of fun and a wonderful teacher. Suzi's based in London, but travels if the numbers are right. If you or anyone you know might be interested please give her a call. Suzi is planning on introducing other crafts to her club, so you might like to go on her mailing list so she can keep you updated. Contact Suzi on 07834484516 or - her class prices are very modest !

Sunday, 5 June 2011

British magazines come to USA

Good News USA Violets,
I found both of these magazines at my local Barnes and Noble. If they have them in Charleston, they have them anywhere in the US. Making is the one that Clare emailed us the Julie A. article and this is the issue it is in.

The other , Mollie Makes, I only glanced at but it looks even better than Making. I knew I had to grab it and can hardly wait to read it. There is an article about dottie angel with fantastic pictures. Clare is this the magazine you told us about? I love it. Sorry it is shown sideways, but hope you get the idea.

Hope everyone is well and busy.
xxoo Taylor

Saturday, 4 June 2011

PEONIES! Only $6.99 a bunch of 5 at Trader Joe's! They are so beautiful and it is so darn hot here right now that they open up in a couple of hours! I had to buy more today to "fill in"...

At Doodlet's we are doing a fun little thing .
This little bluebird (when I finish painting it) will be placed in a different spot in the shop each week. Hopefully, people will eventually get the hang of it to search for the bluebird. If they can successfully find it in the shop and tell us where it is, they will receive a little goodie as a gift from Doodlet's. Cool, hunh?
I like how it looks now - unfinished - but I think it needs to have its legs and beak painted and maybe even a few little feathers. Also, the border really does need a little bit of help (!)
I will show it to you again before I take it down to the shop.....

Friday, 3 June 2011

Happy BiRtHdAy in JUNE!

On June 21st, Linda will have a birthday -
Hope it is a happy one, dear Linda!

But, TODAY is the birthday of Jamie Harper - Woman of Mystery.......

All the best to you, Miss Jamie!!!!!