Saturday, 11 June 2011


I know that I am the last person who will be receiving the inchies.....
And, I know that everyone else is doing the most amazing little inch that we will have ever seen.......
And, I am panicking!
So, last night I picked up a piece that I started in the spring....and added some new little inches of design. I consider it a "practice piece" because the bar is already so darn high - whew!
I have so many ideas and have absolutely NO IDEA what I will do for the final inch.
Maybe I should just play and not worry about it. It will probably (hopefully!) hit me the minute it arrives - how to "round out" the whole thing.......

I think about all of you every, single day of my life and am so grateful for each of you.


  1. Sweetest Jone,
    YOU don't have to worry,
    you are the inch queen:)

  2. I love all your little designs. OOh maybe I can borrow one. (kidding). Glad you found those magazines. That mollie makes is the premier issue. Hope the next one comes out soon.

  3. Blimey if you're worried about the inchies what hope is there for the rest of us....I totally agree with Becky You are the inchie Queen! I can already see your little children dancing in and out of those squares!

  4. Thanks ladies....I got my friend Cheryl into all this stitching, too, so we are going to try one night a week to get together during the summer to stitch. I showed her what has been done already and she is so impressed. I made her a little outline for her own inchies and she is very excited.
    Love you - - and miss you LOTS!