Monday, 20 June 2011



Just a quick post with a few pics of my sister's beach hut interior which we have just recently finished!

The first picture is her former hut (which my niece now rents out):

And here is her new hut, which due to her colour choice, has a golden glow all day and into the evening!

Its taken us a good few weekends of real hard graft to get to this point but it is a little piece of heaven for her now.

This is her new light shade, made by recycling the shell blind in her first hut! It puts me in mind of Jo's crocheting friend's jellyfish.

Sorry for the lack of communication of late, work very manic, weekends working on beach huts and problems with logging on to blogger and internet access have combined to keep me out of touch but work on my hut is underway and thats all the huts done (bar painting the outside again before winter) then im on tinkering by the sea for a day a week - hurrah!

This one was taken one evening last year .................. but the very best bit is the sunsets on long summer evenings ...... get a load of this girls!

Love to all !




  1. great light shade Di. nice hut. i want one.

  2. That looks do wonderful. I am very jealous. Hope you can spend lots if time there.