Sunday, 5 June 2011

British magazines come to USA

Good News USA Violets,
I found both of these magazines at my local Barnes and Noble. If they have them in Charleston, they have them anywhere in the US. Making is the one that Clare emailed us the Julie A. article and this is the issue it is in.

The other , Mollie Makes, I only glanced at but it looks even better than Making. I knew I had to grab it and can hardly wait to read it. There is an article about dottie angel with fantastic pictures. Clare is this the magazine you told us about? I love it. Sorry it is shown sideways, but hope you get the idea.

Hope everyone is well and busy.
xxoo Taylor


  1. I will look at Barnes & Noble when I am in Albuquerque tomorrow.
    super cool, Taylor - thanks!
    and Thanks to Clare for letting us know about hem in the first place!

    Miss you all....

  2. FOUND 'EM! There they were at Barnes & Noble!!!
    And, they are indeed fanTAStic!!!!
    I love them and they are filled with ideas.
    I know Oolie wants copies....anyone find more than one of each? I saw another Mollie Makes, but not "making"....
    Happy Creating...

  3. Hello! I've been loving reading your blog, I think I found it from a picture on Pinterest.
    I've been tempted to say hi a couple times but...
    Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that the paper cut out on the first picture ("making") was made by Elsita Mora, I was already wondering if you had seen her artwork, she does some amazing embroidery among many other things that I think you would really enjoy. This is her website:
    Warm greetings from México :)