Saturday, 4 June 2011

PEONIES! Only $6.99 a bunch of 5 at Trader Joe's! They are so beautiful and it is so darn hot here right now that they open up in a couple of hours! I had to buy more today to "fill in"...

At Doodlet's we are doing a fun little thing .
This little bluebird (when I finish painting it) will be placed in a different spot in the shop each week. Hopefully, people will eventually get the hang of it to search for the bluebird. If they can successfully find it in the shop and tell us where it is, they will receive a little goodie as a gift from Doodlet's. Cool, hunh?
I like how it looks now - unfinished - but I think it needs to have its legs and beak painted and maybe even a few little feathers. Also, the border really does need a little bit of help (!)
I will show it to you again before I take it down to the shop.....

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