Sunday, 19 June 2011


Oh dear Di - you were on my mind yesterday
when I found this booth at the Art Fair on the plaza!
This woman designs these treats and partners with her cousin
to make the charms to sell all over the place!



I was in heaven - wishing for you to be there, too!
BIG baskets filled with little treasures!
Below is the site to see what they have.
I like what they do - and they do it really well!!!

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  1. Thanks for this Jone - always interesting to see what other people are doing. Havent soldered since before christmas! Shame on me! I like the designs on these they are a bit tattoo-ey arent they and they look very regular - unlike mine! Have you soldered yet? Your workshops seem to be going well Im sooo pleased for you Jone - well done! xxdi