Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Plucked these beautiful garlic bulbs from the soil. They looked so lovely that I couldn't resist lying them out and it made me think of the plates on the blog and all our collecting. I recently too, went on a 2 day course run by Rachel Hazell (at last) and she recommended looking at the website collectionday2010.blogspot.com which shows a new collection of things everyday, it is worth a look. Joanna


  1. couldn't find the site of collections. Looked like she stopped doing it - bummer.
    Love your onions! AND the boys trousers....

    Missing everyone....
    Would very much like to hear about your Rachel Hazell experience, Joanna..

  2. Stunning photos Joanna. There is a book out now by Uppercase publishers called A Collection a Day by Lisa Congdon. I like yours using natural things.

  3. Joanna, such gorgeous garlic - how very productive of you. I used to plant it amongst the formal rose bed - was fun weeding because every so often I turned up a huge garlic bulb that had been forgotten... but then I got too keen and planted flowering alliums too... and then couldn't dig so deep when weeding because I kept destroying their onion-like bulbs. Gardening for me was a constant learning experience! XXX