Friday, 18 December 2009

All our very best wishes for 2010

Thought you gals might like to see what it's like here in South West France once all you swallows have flown. As I write we are having yet another snow flurry, but the blue tits are still feasting on the fat balls hanging outside our office window - very seasonal, very Christmasy! time to take out those mince pies and sit in front of our gorgeous new woodburner.

Only worry is whether I will be able to get to the hospital in Perigueux tonight where poor old Mike is having his gallbladder removed. Ouch!

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  1. Dear Katie!
    Thanks so much for the photos of "our home" away from home in the snow! Beautiful!
    Please tell Mike that I am thinking about him and hope that all is well very, very soon! I will light my little "magic candle" that his surgery goes well.
    I think if you all soooo often. We are ALL looking forward to returning next summer. And with the Winter Solstice only a day or so away, the days will get shorter and we can really start to count them down!

    Love to you and the Happiest of Holidays to you, Mike, Susu, Carol, Dave and Dog! ...and all others we know who might appreciate a "hello"

    xoxoxo Jone