Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blue and Soft

Hey Violets,
Hope everyone had a good Holiday. I guess there is still New Years-and the New Year. Joanna, I like your quilt very much and hope your husband is very happy and warm under it. Maybe he would like this scarf I am making. I am not sure about all the blues together but it is very soft and cuddly and that I do like.
Last week before school returns so I am sewing, book making and trying to get journal pages done before I return. We will learn about Alexander Calder in January which should be fun. The young ones will do circus animal figures with wire. Just wanted to give a little hello to everyone. No Chloe news(which in turn is good news).


  1. Whoa! That is going to be a very eye catching scarf, and you will get many oohs and aahs when you finish it!!! You have a very wacky eye dear Taylor, and I would love to be learning about Calder in your class in January!

  2. Taylor-
    I think that scarf looks soooo cozy!
    I think the blues are great together, myself.
    You are sooo productive. I feel like I need to get to work to keep up with you and Danielle...
    Happiest New Year to YOU, Taylor!