Sunday, 13 December 2009

A Happy Creative Day

Today I was at my friend Beth's house for her annual Tea Party....which turned into a creative "playdate" as my gift to the attendees. My hubby called at 3 pm to see where I was, having expected me home closer to noon. I was having way too much fun to go home...

Here are some pictures of the wonderfulness we created over the course of 6 hours with tea, coffee and cookies.
I packaged up some patterns, as well as silk ribbon and embroidery threads, that we used to make little ornaments and I adore what everyone did...

My dear friend, Cheryl, made this beautiful lady with her red floral apron. Someone suggested she add feet at the end of the day, so they will be sewn on in the process. Isn't she nice? I adore her....and her amazing apron...
Beth, who hosted the party, started several wonderful things. Sewing is not something she feels all that comfortable doing.  It was a bit intimidating for her to be with the rest of us who love to sew. Still, she did a superb job trying things and finally found her own "style" by the end of the day and admitted to really enjoying it. Here are the two hearts she really liked and I think she will be so proud when they are finished.
I love this one that Laura created. We all laughed because when she was two-thirds of the way around with the pearls, she was ready for it to be done! I think it is so lovely with the red berry-beads "Lazy Daisy" leaves. Her colors are yummy!
Anika, Beth's incredibly talented daughter, made this gorgeous heart by stitching silk ribbon, layer by layer, and then cutting the "window" out of grey felt to cover the edges. I think it is so elegant. Unfortunately, the photo does not do it justice. Still, I think you can get the idea.
...and I made this little horse. Beth is Swedish, too, so we both love these horses. I left this one on her tree as a gift. I hope she will be delighted when she finds it....
We all agreed that we need to do this on a regular basis. It is my goal for the new year to make these kinds of things happen often enough so that we all stay in touch with that part of ourselves that makes us so incredibly HAPPY with so little effort.....
That is why we are all going back to Briancon, right?   xoxo


  1. Jone

    WEll done for making this happen for other ladies, the work is lovely and at this time of year when it is grey and cold one needs to remember the light, in what ever way one can.
    lots of love to you Joanna

  2. JOANNA! So good to hear from you....

    I am working on your birthday gift, sigh. Maybe you will get it before Valentine's Day....I hope..