Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hello all you not so shrinking violets - oh how industrious you all have been! I have been keeping an eye on all your goings on and enjoying it thoroughly. Many apologies for not contributing nor communicating all this time, but I been moving to Woodbridge, doing a Foundation Art & Design course at Ipswich and going through a gruelling divorce - Court next week if no agreement forthcoming. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

Here's my first little movie - it should you laugh...and yes, it's me - couldn't convince any of the teenagers to star...

Well, the actual reason I just HAD to add a post was because I got a .pdf from this website...http://www.chateaudumas.net/home/home.htm. They are having classes next year - silver jewellery, millinery and french textiles. It looks so fabulous I think I may have to treat my cousin from NZ to accompany me to one of them, (hopefully by then my financial situation will be clarified).

If you go on their mailing list they'll send you the brochure - it looks GORGEOUS...

Well, bye for now. Hope you vaguely remember me....


  1. Looks and sounds as if you have been really productive as well!
    Great to hear from you and a fab movie- very hypnotic, reminds me of an escher drawing!?

  2. Oh Jodie!
    I thought your movie was incredible. I agree with Danielle that it is a bit "Escher", but on the other hand, it must have quite a bit to do with how you are feeling these days - running in circles, coming and going, not knowing which direction.....
    I hope things get worked for you sooner than later.
    Thinking of you often...
    xo Jone

  3. Jodie

    I do remember you, well done on putting a film together, I liked it. Good luck with the court case. Keep wrking.


  4. I enjoyed your movie. Hope to see another one soon. How is your teapot cozy doing?