Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Happy Holidays Violets

Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoying the holiday greetings on our blog. Seeing the snow, candles, and Jone your cat is very photogenic. Here are some of my wrappings with my little people. I think I like getting the presents ready more so than making the actual present.
Just staying home this holiday which is nice although I am having a hankering for California.
Here's to a great 2010. xxoo Taylor


  1. thanks for noticing my cat..Marble is my baby.
    I like your wrapping - nice tissue from Anthropologie! I used it myself this Christmas.
    Thanks for the wonderful little package of fabric - yum! Not sure what I'll do with them yet, but I know that something will come up.

    Hope your Christmas was merry! Hello and "ho ho ho" to Chloe..
    xo Jone