Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Anthroplogie! I give you an actual anthropologist studying the natives local dance. I took the boys up to the London on my 40th birthday as Chris had to be in town and we caught a boat down the Thames to the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels. It was a really lovely day.
Good to hear that you are all still working hard and that "the Winner" continues to win. Top tips for entering competitions should be on the dinner menu this summer.
Have finally put my houses on top of jam posts. The anthropologist would not let me part with the ones I had made so I had to copy them. Lets hope they sell at the Christmas Fayre this weekend after all the hard work.
Had a lovely time in Paris, how come no one mentioned "La Drougerie" in Les Halles. The most fantastic knit and bead shop - ever.
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  1. love your houses and your "anthropologist" is right! Those are your prototypes.....keep 'em!

    I'm working on your birthday goodies - soon to YOU!
    First, I am working on a Winter Faire this weekend, too....
    Good Luck, Jojo!

  2. Those houses are wonderful. They look huge in the photo.

  3. hmmm, just checking this again.
    You are soooo right about La Drogerie, Joanna.
    I could've spent a fortune just on buttons! (Sue almost DID!)

    Great inspiration, for sure..
    xo Jone