Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lavender Nests

On Tuesday, I am teaching a class at Los Poblanos on weaving a nest from lavender and stitching a tiny felt bird to fill with lavender to put in the nest..... and ....
Oolie is coming!!! She and I are going to spend Monday and Tuesday nights in one of our favorite places on earth (besides Briancon, of course)
Sure do wish that ALL of YOU could be here to join us.......
Maybe we will have to make that happen one of these days.

Here's the little bird in the nest. We'll most likely do one that is a bit lighter and colorful, but the stitching on this one is simple and nice.
And, here is the nest without the bird. I use wrapped wire for the base (a wire star with an uneven amount of points - 5 or 7, usually) into which we will weave stem after stem of fresh lavender from the farm. I hope we'll get to go pick our own. It is Lavender Week at the farm, so should smell absolutely fabulous.

Hey, Clare, I hear the inchies are in your capable hands (!!!) I am soooooooOOOOOOOO
excited about that! Have a wonderful time playing and GO girl!

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  1. Wow these are so lovely... bet they smell gorgeous. Can imagine they'd make great gifts with a little egg shaped soap in. Give Oolie a hug hello from me - bet those stomach muscles get a workout with all the giggling and laughing you two will get up to. Booked my 'plane ticket to Briancon last week... it's getting closer!