Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Lavender Class at Los Poblanos

What a day we had at Los Poblanos!
We made nests from fresh-cut sprigs of lavender and then stitched tiny felt birds and filled 'em up with dried lavender from the farm.
The room smelled fanTAStic!

Here's the group at the table
We had a great time together!

starting the nest - weaving over and under
And, once the nests were done, we started on the birds
Everyone had such wonderful imagination.
The birds that evolved were delightful!
.....and sitting in their nests.....
Oolie with Flat Sue

Oolie's bird

Helen's birds

Oolie and me as the day was ending
We had a really nice time.

Thanks to all of the people who attended.
It was a pleasure to meet you all!


    You look like you're having a fab time sewing away in Los Poblanos....Oh for loads of money to fly round the worl to catch up with you all...
    and where did you get that stunning dress from Oolie?

  2. Dear Danielle-
    I am wearing your fantastic bracelet on my right wrist in the photo of Jone and I at the end of the day! It attracted lots of attention, oohs & ahhs!!!! I had to take it off to let people get a closer inspection!!!! I just love wearing it and thinking of you, dear friend!!!!!! Jone is teaching a class on making her bracelet in August at L.P. that I think I must attend!
    Talk to you later today!!!!! LOVE- Oolie