Monday, 11 July 2011

Knitbombing at Norwich Lanes Festival

Guess what my Creative Knitting Group did on Sunday - we covered a bus stop with knitting! The large piece of black knitting was made from VHS tapes and we knitted it using ourselves like a giant knitting machine. Such fun. And it got lots of admiring looks during the day. We are hoping to keep meeting up as we all had such a good time on the course.

Some of the group. (Me NOT in black... I forgot about the Ninja Knitters aspect!!! We did toss up about balaclavas... but ran out of time to knit them.
This is us being a machine knitting up the VHS tape - intially there was a bit of concern about being chained together with no way out! But 20 minutes later we'd finished.

The flowers were crocheted from recycled plastic bags and strips of fabric.


  1. Oh Jodie - I am blown away by this magnificent feat!
    I think the process is amazing and the final product is "ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!!" It really makes me SMILE!

    I cannot believe I am going to miss you at Briancon this year - grrrrr!
    It makes me so sad to think about it.
    Maybe Oolie will have to pack me in her suitcase (!)
    You know that I will certainly be there in spirit.....
    Love to you and Happy Creating!

  2. Love it, love it, love it. Well done on all that is guerilla knitting makes one believe in the world again.

  3. wow what fantastic knitting and what a great way to spend time!!!!
    You look very happy in those photos Jodie, and I like Jone cannot imagine why we are not going to Briancon this year.....!!??

  4. Oh Danielle I'm so sad that you're not coming. Was looking forward to seeing you. Perhaps we could rendezvous next time I'm down in London? Are you still designing toys? Have you got a wonderful holiday planned for the summer in lieu of Briancon? Can't imagine you're not incredibly busy and creatively occupied as always. And you're right I am much, much happier. Ex got married again on Saturday so have definitely closed the lid on that life and am starting to thoroughly enjoy this one! Girls rock!!! XXXX