Monday, 4 July 2011

Inspired Ideas - next issue

I spent yesterday finishing up this little project for the next issue of Inspired Ideas.
Amy (Powers) thought it wouod be a fun project to do a "little someone" to fit inside a I did.
I think she probably had an animal in mind, but this tiny girl is what manifested.... and I think she is very sweet. She is 3 1/2 to 4 inches tall.
Might try a little bunny, or kitty, too...... just to say I did....

I stitched her bedclothes (including a tiny quilt) and a couple of pillows for her to rest her head.
I made her bed from an old tissue box (fantastic pattern on the Kleenex box lately!)
I didn't have a large matchbox at the time.
Doesn't she look quite cozy?


  1. She does look lovely Jone, I especially liked her quilt. Can I suggest a hedgehog for a creature to go in a match box - they are rather cute. Glad you liked my pictures, it is now a whole year since we all sat down together, so a big kiss to you, keep stitching those inchies.
    lots of love Joanna

  2. very CUTE! and I love those Dena Designs flowers, too! I use the pink colorway a lot in my aprons, especially with the pink cupcakes. I love pink and green together. your baby is adorable.