Saturday, 22 January 2011

A Few More Days....

Well gals, thought you might like to see what Mike and I have been up to recently, so here are a few colourful photos of our trip to the Far East to take the chill out of those cold western winds we hear you have been suffering from. Our last leg starts tomorrow with a visit to Bodhgaya (where the Buddha achieved enlightenment), followed by a couple of days in the foothill of the Himalayas. Then it's back to the tail end of a French winter and a little bit of reality.....


  1. What a wonderful place to be. Thanks for sharing the photos. the colors are fantastic. I would love to travel there.

  2. Oh Katie - thanks for sharing!
    Cullen has been in Bodhgaya, but only at the airport on the way to Bhutan. He, too, enjoyed your photos.
    Gosh, I would love to come visit with you and see ALL your pictures. I will miss Briancon this summer so much. Maybe an "off season" trip is in order.. we'll see....

  3. gosh, how inspirational to see all that culture and those beautiful colours, especially when January is such a grey month....One day I shall escape and go travelling with my sketchbook...aaah...

  4. please tell me you packed home one of those poufs.. ;o)
    love-love seeing through your eyes.