Thursday, 6 January 2011



As you can see - things are very busy round the manger! Here we have an accumulation of nativity feves - two job lots I've joined together to make my version of the Italian precepio - a nativity scene which is added to year on year, generation after generation in some cases. I remember hearing someone on the radio talking about precepios - inherited ones and more modern ones and I laughed out loud when he said the new character for whatever year it was was Monica Lewinski!!!! Can you imagine .....
The French feves highlight the difference between the continental epiphany story and the English nativity. In England all the emphasis is on Christmas and the Epiphany is neither here nor there whereas on the continent the Epiphany was the major celebration and the cast of characters included old women, knife grinders, millers and all manner of tradespeople.

As you can see here, we have an abundant crop of kings - rather than 3 there are 9!!! On the upside more presents for the baby Jesus!

There's also an extensive selection of shepherds and animals as well as a bevy of townsfolk!
I love the relatively crude painting and the dots which 'suggest' the features - some of the little people look like spooks! Faces which my Granny would say - only a mother could love!!

And finally! Our crazy Christmas cake! Made by my sister, decorated by me - it usually has fibre optic lights and shocking musical elements - but this year sadly they had expired - we felt their loss. A couple of years ago when my Mum gave up making the family Christmas Cake, Lynda and I went shopping and ended up completely hysterical buying all sorts of over the top and extremely unsuitable - shocking fibre optic miniature trees, musical christmas decorations were added as well as the nativity figures you see here! Sadly this year they refused to work - we will have to shop again - earlier next year!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and send you every good wish and much love for a healthy, happy and creative New Year!


  1. Oh Di - I laughed soooo hard with that CAKE!
    What a trip and how much fun it must be to decorate it so "over the top"

    Hope the new year is starting out with a bang!
    Soon you and Oolie will be "doing your thing" with Miss Arkell. Wish I could join you...sigh......

    Love to you, Di!!

  2. As a cake monster I have to ask if it was possible to EAT that fab cake;) ?

  3. It surely was becky! Underneath all the tat was a traditional rich fruit, drenched in brandy, coated in marzipan and icing - made by my sister
    to my mums recipe - marvellous! Xxdi