Thursday, 6 January 2011

Antique Mall

On my way home from Los Poblanos yesterday, I stopped in at an Antique Mall.
I stopped there once before and found a booth where I really liked almost everything.
Yesterday, I took my camera and took a few shots to share with you.

Check out these plates. Unfortunately, they are priced at $75 each, which is over my limit.
But, aren't they great? Can't decide if I prefer the rusty one or the shiny one.......

I cannot believe that I had to pass up this cabinet! The painted glass windows are so beautiful and such an inspiration and the blue is nice, too.

Nice plates - more inspiration for things I hope to get to this year...

I collect horses. My dad called me "ponie" so I look for them everywhere. I am particular about the ones I decide to keep in my collection, though. I think this one would make it, if the price were right.

And, lustre ware. My mom loves this stuff. I like the delicacy of these two little cups and saucers with one plate. I think that it is the perfect little "tea set" for a couple of special friends.
Maybe it should go to Vintage Fairy Tales.....hmmmmmm......


  1. It's the rusty plate for me Jone! Loving the horse and the medieval looking turquoise plates! The lustre cups are fabulous - I have some seriously old pink lustre I bought at an auction years ago somewhere in my stuff room! If it ever gets unpacked (it bears a striking resemblance to the tomb of tutenkhamun) I will put them on the blog - don't hold your breath! I think I need a visit to this mall! Mind you with my history of excess luggage probably not a great idea! Yes roll on feb and paper mâché! I can hardly wait! I wish u were coming too!

  2. Jone, I would go for the rusty one too!
    JUst the other day I saw a movie with Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart.
    It was recorded in your area, I was thinking about you and Los Poblanos,
    The Skating Monkey would love having his tea in one of those cups,
    I´m sure!
    Lots of love