Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sorry for the unfinished post! well, it takes some time to get the hang of the technical side of things! I wanted to add Lea's site

a very unprofessional photo to give you a feeling of the place, and a sample of the project of the day ("bracken"), though this one is not mine - but I promise to show it to you once it's done...


  1. wow....her website is "magnifique!"

    thanks for sharing, marguerite. Did you take a workshop with her? If so, where? Her work is so inspiring and delightful!

  2. Hi Jone,
    Great you appreciate Léa's work. I have been lucky in meeting two wonderful teachers these last years: Julie and Léa. Léa gives classes at her home in Paris. She has also published four books in French (check amazon.fr) and one in Japanese. She was also thrilled to see Julie's work at the needlework fair in Nantes in 2010 and had to hear all about my time in Dordogne. I have taken several classes with her, and her students have started another blog where they display their finished pieces:


  3. Thanks for sharing-I really enjoyed looking at the site.