Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Holidays Violets!!!!!

Dear Violets-
It is Christmas Eve here in Colorado and my thoughts go out to all of my lovely "stitching friends" scattered around the world! I am home after 2 trips up to the Boulder area which just got 14.5 inches of snow which is now melting in 50 degree temperatures and sunny skies!!!!!! We barely got the lights and a few ornaments on our tree! We will be sleeping in tomorrow, and then out for a hike followed by a meal cooked by Hartley, Laurel and myself......very low key! Mark thankfully does all of the dishes!
When I came upon this fun vintage needle card lately, it made me think of one of our "Julie Arkell stitching workshops" in l'espace at Briancon!!!!!! So many fun creative times spent together in that lovely corner of our world! May your stockings be stuffed, and your hearts full of peace and love during this holiday season! LOVE to all- Oolie


  1. thanks for the call, Oolie.
    I love the little needle card - another thing we can make, right?
    I am counting days - 1,2,3....8,9.... - until we get to be together again.

    happy christmas!

  2. merry christmas to you too Oolie - lovely Christmas plans, felt like I was there. Lovely little card too, so sweet.

  3. Fantastic little needle set Oolie! Hope you and Jone were crazy girls together as ever in your own little crafting circle and that Christmas Dinner made it on and off the table.