Thursday, 29 December 2011

the "Girls"

Here they are:
The Collection of Fridas

what fun....
Happy New Year!


  1. Jone,
    I am crazy over these. Love how they are all different. Best wishes to you on 2012.

  2. Jone, they are magnificent! How big are they? It must have been a bit like dressing paper dolls up deciding how they would look. Are they ornaments? You are so clever and creative... they almost make me want to grow a mono-brow... Thanks for posting. Best wishes to you for 2012. XXXX Jodie

  3. Magnificent!!!!!!! Frida would be so proud of this amazing folkart!!!! I just love the profusion of color in this collection! Missing you............
    LOVE- Your Oolie

  4. what a bevy of beauties you have there Jone! So exotic and alluring. Sending wishes for health, happiness and yet more success on the work front next year! xxdi