Friday, 4 February 2011


Yep, my nieces got it - the 'Drawing Gene"
It must run in my family because we can all draw, and these two little ones are absolutely no exception. Each morning they would wake up and say, "Aunt Jone, let's sew!" Or, "I need to draw a picture." So, they did.....every, single day!
Yesterday was my last morning with them and these are the drawings they did in about 10 minutes just before they ate their breakfast. I was blown away.

Haiden did this one. It is a mermaid swimming in the ocean and the people are watching her and there are fish and jellyfish swimming, too, and sea anemones and a giant clam on the bottom. And the sun is shining.

Cece did two drawings. The first (above) is of a girl who is very nervous about standing up and giving a speech. She is holding the speech in her right hand and a glass of water in her left hand. There are puddles on the ground because it has rained and she is crying because she is very nervous.
This is a young boy jumping up and trying to touch his toes. I LOVE that she did not have room for his legs, but drew the feet coming back up into the picture so he could touch his toes!
Amazing perspective from a 5 year old.

What a wonderful time I had with them. I can't wait to go back again.

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