Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cutting Paper

Today, I went to my friend Laura's house where our Creative Group met this month.
She had done lots of research and presented us with a challenge - to cut paper!
It was a magnificent day! She had stacks of books and print-outs that made us all squeal with delight. We could hardly wait to pull out the paper and scissors.
Check out these few that I snipped out:

I feel so lucky to be a part of a(nother) group of women who love the same things that I love. We have made a pact to make the time once a month to get together and CREATE! I feel like whatever we have to do to make this happen is well worth it!
Miss you all...wish that we lived closer......
ps. Check out this site for some "snips" you will love:


  1.'re not half bad with a pair of scissors dear Jone...!

  2. Jone these are so wonderful. You must be a scissor wizard.