Saturday, 27 November 2010


Here is the view from the bedroom where Mom and I stayed in Sausalito the night before her hand surgery. We stayed with our friends, Ronzie and Keith (he is Mom's doctor) and what a spectacular place it is. Ronzie has an amazing eye for extraordinary things and, as you can see, they also have an amazing view of San Francisco Bay (whew!)

Above is Mom petting Zoe, the wonderful Standard Poodle who has adopted Ronzie and Keith as parents. She is a super-cool dog
Below, Mom and Ronzie just as we were about to leave.
We really had a wonderful time and thank Ronzie for the incredible hospitality she showed us.
We felt like princesses all cozied up under the comforters......and, man! You can't beat that view!


  1. G,Day, I have posted a link to one of your older posts featuring the work of Trevor Smith. He has joined with the Warnambool crafters to feature in the kitchen of Fairhall " The Johnston Collection " Are you an Aussie ?

  2. no, dear Margaret, I am an American living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
    We do have several Aussies in the Pantry Violets, though....we are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

    So glad that you have found us.

  3. Hope your mum's surgery went well! What a place to go to if you have to have something done though! Please ask ronzie if I can go on her books!! What a spectacular view!! How lovely to share it too!