Sunday, 21 November 2010

Oolie is back!!!!!!!

Dear Pantry Violets-
Sorry that it has taken me 5 months to post and travels have gotten in the way! Plus, I had to find my written instructions on how to post something and then actually DO IT!!!!!!!! My extended family is enroute to Tucson, Arizona to share Thanksgiving dinner and then celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday....WhoooHooo! Quite an accomplishment this day in age!
I bought this raw silk fabric on a recent trip to NYC and decided to make a Julie Arkell inspired "puff flower" broach for my Mom's gift. It took forever and I learned a few tricks along the way, but I know she will be thrilled! My biggest challenge was to not bleed all over the fabric.....with winter definitely here in Colorado and the heat turned on, my hands are all dry and cracked...... not ideal conditions for hand sewing!!!!! I also found some great Liberty fabric in Danielle's "miserable colors" which I hope to make more puff flower broaches from......get ready for an onslaught from me after laying dormant for a bit!!!!! LOVE to all- Oolie


  1. Dear Oolie!
    I'm speachless!
    This brosch is beautiful,
    a wonderful gift to your Dear mother!
    The colors are stunning,the technique,the photo,Wow!
    You are back,please stay:)
    Much love

  2. Merci Beaucoup to all my lovely fans at Vintage Fairy Tales! Your encouragement and kind compliments are heart warming. It makes me want to thread a needle!!!!!! LOVE- Oolie

  3. Oh Oolie - this brooch is so elegant and lovely!
    I can picture it on your mom (she'll love that blue one)
    Hope your trip to AZ was uneventful and Mark picked you guys up at the airport as planned.
    Love you so very much!
    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

  4. Hey oolie! Lovely to see you here! The flowers almost look like pansies with pearl centres! I love a bit of raw silk - very luxurious I'm sure your mum will have loved it!