Monday, 29 November 2010


Today, I did a little stamping on some fabric and stitched up a few little lavender sachets.
L O O K at them!

These are little red feet underneath a skirt that has "trees" printed on it..and a little bird in the "tree!"
And, of course, a few little toadstools encircled with evergreen twigs....xoxo
The lavender is so yummy inside each little "pillow" - wonderful!

I have more orders for little ladies on boxes, so here are a few figures before they get their "real" personalities... they almost look like they are dancing, don't they?

It was a pretty productive day. I am hoping for more of the same tomorrow.....


  1. Hi Jone!
    I can smell the scent of lavender!!!!!
    Beautiful sachets and a lot of Christmas feelings!
    Creative flow? That´s great:)

  2. Lavender leg sachets are very cute. Wow you are on a holiday roll. Great.

  3. Jone! Always so productive - love the stamping but my favourite, as ever are your beautifully animated paper mâché figures - please list them - don't make me beg!! Ps. I will if necessary!