Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Gang's All Here

Well, not exactly, as they've left now; but Oolie, Jone, Becky and Diane made it over for a few days last week.  I was so flattered to be invited, and fortunate to be able to join them for a couple of days for a few precious hours and I was overwhelmed by their generosity, kindness and creativity.  And, boy, did I learn some tricks.    Also joined them for a visit to our "secret brocante" - which frankly, isn't such a big secret anymore - where I managed to find some very useful vintage, but rather grubby, dear little deck chairs and, oddly, some American wooden cotton reels.  The question now is should I recover them (the deck chairs, not the cotton reels);  would love to hear your views?

Anyway, a Big Thank You ladies for letting for me join the gang for a moment or two - you were, it goes without saying, a huge pleasure to be have around.

If you are interested in seeing some of the beautiful things they made during their visit, I have posted one or two photos on Les Soeurs Anglaises blog and I am sure they will be posting many of their own images before too long.

It was a fab week and L'Espace seemed to work perfectly as a venue for the self-supervising group - may there be many more!

To think, we used to just throw these away when we'd finished the thread!!


  1. Katie, answer is, YES! Recover those beautiful chairs, they are gorgeous. I also love wooden cotton reels so much, have a few in my collection. So nice hearing about the four girls' adventures at L'espace (jealous about visits to the not-so-secret vintage shop). I miss it all and so wish I could come back. Maybe one day.

  2. Dear Katie! It was a pleasure for US to have YOU at the workshop table:)
    XX Becky

  3. Amen to that Becky! What a joyful few days we all had around the table and out and about! Fair enough the packing is always a challenge! Thanks so much Katie my dreamy few days has set me up for months! Xxdi

  4. My heart is full and my creative juices are running after the lovely and fun week we shared back at Briancon during our first of many "self-supervising" creative gatherings in the incredible
    L'Espace! I just love looking at your fantastic photos, the various blogs detailing our adventures, and the little creations that erupted from our gathered energy and sharing of materials & ideas.
    Your generosity on so many levels was appreciated by all.....and the chance to have you gathered with us at the work tables was so darn much fun! I still hear Di's charming accent, along with the birdsong and church bells ringing! Merci Beaucoup!!!!
    LOVE- Oolie

  5. Katie- I forgot to comment on the deck chairs! I would vote to keep them just as they are but cleaned up if you can. I love the old weathered fabrics......that would be hard to replicate with new stuff! Good luck! LOVE- Oolie