Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hello Violets!

Sorry for the long delay - yet again in blogging. 

You may remember when Jo was doing her bird project I made this little birdie, the Lesser Spotted Tattered, with the crazy red eyes .......

Does it still sit on your desk Jo?

Last week, from Tuesday to Sunday I was at Les Soeurs Anglaises with Becky, Jone and Oolie for a few heavenly days of R&R.  More posts will follow from us all about our makes and the fun we had - it was a truly uplifting, inspiring few days that we shared in the lovely studio L'Espace - many, many thanks to Katie and Mike letting us have the use of the studio and rooms for our stay.

Amongst some things I took to finish off was a donkey brooch I made whilst on the second Hens Teeth workshop at Weston Park, near Stafford - I cant recommend Viv's workshops enough,
its such a great day out, sewing in a lovely 'hice' in lovely 'grinds' with a great bunch of women each time - and as if thats not enough, theres cake!  Here is the finished brooch ....
I just posted my second lot of haberdashery brooches and another little paper mache donkey -  on tinkeringbythesea.blogspot.com - please take a look.

Hope everyone is well and happy!  Taylor, sorry not to have been in touch since West Dean, its been a crazy busy time as you can imagine but I did enjoy the time spent with you on Julie's course.  Im getting back on track and have sent a bijou treat for you home with Jone so expect mail soon.

As soon as I have sorted out pictures will post my french finds and the things I made last week and Im sure Becky, Jone and Oolie will be doing the same.  We thought of you in France.

Love to All
xx Di


  1. He's still on my shelf Di! with a friend and my birdie vintage tin. Wish I could add a photo here but can't so will post it next. So envious of you girls, but followed Becky's photos and I reckon you guys went into the same vintage seller we were in on one of our days in town in 2010 when I found some lovely French fabrics. Hope you had a really nice time. I want to get back there one day. x

    1. Excellent Jo - I'm glad it still has a perch with you! It was the same shop and the same hat! We had such a lovely time just working together, a bit of shopping of course, lots of sewing and crafting - it was so relaxed and happy and Katie joined us too - we all loved it. I'm sure u will make it back to France and hope its soon! Xxdi

  2. Oh so much fun. Wish I had been there. Can't wait to see more photos.

  3. Hi Taylor! It was great fun - I thought u might like this brooch! Adding toy donkey kingdom still! Your treat is coming to u from Sweden as becky borrowed it for a few photos before it comes to u - I know you will like it! Xxdi