Saturday, 14 July 2012

INCHIES: make a noise!

Please let us know where the Inchie Project is currently on vacation!  We need to get this project completed so......who ever has it, please post something to that effect.  If anyone feels the need to "drop out", now is the time to do that so we can rearrange the list of where to send it next.  Please follow Jone's instructions included in the package.....and all will be well in Inchie Land!


  1. Oolie, thanks for your comment about the inchies.
    Linda, do you still have them? And will they then go on to Cynthia?
    I will send out a holler to everyone....a swift little we can finish up this project that is already over a year long.
    TIME FOR A NEW ONE......

  2. Seriously a button in your inch (not brown, that has been reserved for Danielle!!) or a lovely French Knot..... and pass the project onward down the list!
    Could we please have a photo of them posted on the blog......I do not remember what they look like!!!!!!!
    Once they reach the USA, and they finally end up at Jone's, she and I will need time to finish them off and post them back to every one. So let's wind this up and maybe keep the designs simplified unless you are a "speed stitcher"!
    Oolie......retired Inchie Policewoman!

  3. Hi
    I would still love to do it, so please send some to me Joanna

  4. dear Joanna- you are most definitely on the list!!!! Thank you so much for your reply. Any response or "noise" from anyone involved is most appreciated so we can get this project back on track! Enjoy the Olympics and your family travels! LOVE- Oolie