Tuesday, 17 July 2012

inchies have arrived in surrey!

Hello dear Pantry Violets, the Inchies have arrived with me this morning...Thank you Linda...I was going to take a photo of them but I thought it might spoil the surprise! I am still as manic as ever, but the second shipment of new Ragtales designs are arriving in the country in August, making it 22 toys in the range, just hope we can sell them all! Hope that you are all having a lovely summer despite the appalling weather, will try to do my inchies as quickly as possible..you are next on the list Joanna!


  1. these dolls look sooooo lovely in the setting they were photographed in...
    can't wait to see ALL the new ones!!
    missing you so much, Danielle...glad the inchies have arrived.
    maybe we can talk soon, though I know you are swamped as ever.