Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Linking In

Hey, ladies, have just posted a log on Les Soeurs all about The Pantry Violets - take a look if you have time.  Have lost touch with where TPV inchies now are, but sure they will reach me soon......   

If any of you want a free return workshop at LSA take a look at our latest blog and you might be in with a chance!

New cobbled courtyard outside the mason de maitre

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  1. Katie-
    I am not sure which "Inchie Project" you are wondering about.....if it is the original project, which I think it is, then when Di is finished, she will be sending it on to Linda.....and then it makes it's way thru England before getting mailed to you & Carol in France......and then it comes to the USA and eventually to Jone & I to be finished and mailed out to everyone! Hope that clears things up! Julie