Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Happy Day!

LOOK what I got!
My friend, Cheryl made this wonderful little brooch for me -
inspired by the charms that Oolie made for her bracelet,
using paper clay and fabric.

Isn't it FABULOUS!!!?

And Danielle!
This lovely bracelet arrived in the mail on the
very day of my birthday!!

Isn't it amazing that the colors are the same as the brooch from Cheryl?
How on Earth did the two of you plan that?!

Thanks so much for your creative genius, you two.

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1 comment:

  1. Jone- Is that adorable wiener dog broach made of fabric or the paper clay charm stuff? It is so cute......I could just eat it!!!!!!!! Please tell
    Cheryl we MUST get together to create when I next visit you in Santa Fe!
    How much fun will that be, I ask you?!!!!!
    And, of course, Danielle's bracelet is just fabulous! Aren't you the lucky girl?! LOVE- your Oolie