Saturday, 11 February 2012

West Dean with Julie

Here is Julie looking as sweet as ever
 The adventure began when Di picked me up at the train station and we zoomed over to West Dean. The campus is beautiful. This was the view from my room. It was a chilly week but most of the happenings were indoors anyway.

Kim's husband always knows what to get her as a gift
 On the first night Julie talked to us about the course and we got acquainted with each other. Most of the women were from England. The next day was spent making our paper mache figures and applying the newspaper. Luckily the radiators gave off a lot of heat to dry everything in time.
 The next day we began dressing and decorating our figures. These are two of my unfinished rabbits. I struggled with the knitted hat (quite easy for a knitter) but was pleased with the results afterwards. Dressing the characters was fun and a bit challenging.
Julie brought in some puppets she made and encouraged everyone to make a puppet. Mine is not finished yet but will be a two headed puppet.
The most coveted pieces of the class were Di's donkeys. They are so adorable. I am not showing a picture of them because I wanted to let Di be the one to show them off. Unfortunately Di lost her sister on the last day of the class. It is a terrible loss for her and her family. Thinking good thoughts to you and your family Di.
I enjoyed the course very much. It was a lot different than the workshop. Fun to get to experience both media and locations.

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  1. Taylor, I think the puppet looks fantastic!
    And, that may be one of the very best photos I have ever seen of Miss Arkell...
    well done!