Friday, 24 February 2012


Just had to take a couple of photos of my 16 year old
He was getting things together to wear to a dance tonight
He wanted to have a bow tie like my dad

He was cleaning his shoes on the counter,
but I had to get this shot...
(love the curls!)

He is wearing my grandfather's fedora from the 20's
and a velvet bow tie

I think he has decided to wear a white buttondown instead
and some white shoes

Can't believe how fast we got to this place


  1. lovely Jone. love that hat! he looks like you.

  2. How cool is he!! Just like his Ma, eh? Kx

  3. Oh My.......!!!!!!! Grayson off to a dance all "duded up"!!!!!! Wish I could have been there! I think he looks so much like Cullen in the top photo......what do you think? Hope he had a blast and danced his buns off! LOVE- your Oolie