Wednesday, 16 November 2011

polka dot heart charm pin

I am on a bit of a roll with the charms I made in Santa Fe last week. Now I am having great fun decorating them and deciding whether to make pins, bracelets or necklaces! It is like putting the frosting and sprinkles on a of my other passions! So....these 2 little pins are heading to Malmoe, Sweden for my 2 little girlfriends who happen to be sisters! There is a surprise picture on the back of the hearts which I hope will evoke a smile from Charlie!!!!!!
With love to the sisters- Oolie


  1. well done, Oolie....
    I know their mom will be happy to see those pins, as well.
    They look so cute on that little dress....xo

  2. Your little pins look so Scandinavian Jone! I think its the embroidered ribbon - which goes so well with the little polka dot hearts! Sweet pins for sweet girls!