Thursday, 17 November 2011


Just a heads up Clare! Please check your "eclare" email as Katie is in need of the project before she starts her big travels, etc. Jone and I are not sure we have your most current email address.
Please let us know which one to use. As Joanna has said in the past......."make a noise" dear Clare so we can keep in touch! LOVE- Oolie and the Pantry Violets


  1. This is a bit wierd.....answering my own posting.....a bit like talking to myself!!!!!!!! I am most happy to share that Clare has just 5 more of those pesky INCHIES to complete before sending them off to Katie next week!!!!! Jone and I never dreamed that the response to this project would be so big, and that has made the completion of it a bit prolonged.
    But what a fantastic finished INCHIE we are all going to receive and have forever!!!!!!! After the "French Sisters" finish their contribution, it will go to Di and then follow the list enclosed. LOVE- Oolie

  2. Thats great news - i shall have to hunt out my bits and bobs! look forward to receiving them.