Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hi everyone. It's been a massively busy time for me with things happening in very close proximity. Some of you know I have just had a book of my photographs published called, All Prize Winners Paraded. I finished making the work about nine years ago and the book has always been an idea...until now! I'm very blessed. The work is about the stillness of small rituals, told through the Australian rural agricultural 'show'. If you'd like to see some of the images from the book you can check out website of M.33 where I'm represented.

My other news: I have a solo show in a window space in Sydney called Branch 3D (all of November). This project was so much fun to do - the work is called, 'Vessel' and the pieces are made out of vintage tea towels. I LOVE old tea towels so if you have any rolling around in cupboards that you don't want anymore, contact me and send 'em over! They may just end up in some art work. You can see the work here at my website and here at the Branch website.

Hope you are all well. I was so sad to miss out on Jessie Chorley's workshop in France this year but as you can see I was a bit busy. Cancelling was not easy to do.  I followed Becky's photos on Facebook and it was lovely. I always feel like I am so far away when great things are happening over there. 



  1. Oh, Jo...it would have been incredible to have you with us at Jessie's workshop.Such amazingly talented people, as always, but not hard to forget that is what happens at Briancon. Of the group you know, Becky, Oolie, Sue and myself were there with others from all over. You would have been a marvelous addition.
    Your recent pieces are fantastic! I need to check your site and see more. I hope it is successful for you...can't imagine not.
    Hope to see you again sometime. I am teaching with a friend next summer at Briancon - late July. It is book making and will be pretty great. Alison, my friend, is a book conservator and makes amazing books....we will co-teach.
    So many courses to take - would LOVE to do Janet Bolton in June.......can't do it all, though.
    Big hugs to you, my friend.....and congratulations on your book and show!
    All the Best! xo

    1. Thanks so much Jone! I was so sad to miss out. I wondered how many got to do Jessie's workshop (of the people I know). Would have been so wonderful. Thanks for catching me up about it. Thanks for the compliments on my work - I've travelled a long way, creatively, since I saw you last. I really enjoyed the window space project and the book, well, that is just a dream project really. I'll be looking at the Briacon workshops closely to see if I can get there next year. I still have a deposit to use up! :) Hope to share a cuppa or a wine with you some time again. xx

  2. Wow, that looks an amazing achievement. Love the low intensity competitive vibe at those shows! I used to be a huge fan of the Horticultural Show in the Suffolk Village I used to live in... even donated a 'best in show' Award for those who only could manage one outstanding entry - sadly I didn't stay long enough after to achieve awarding it to myself!