Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Here are some cut-outs I did for the course 
I am teaching in August.
I sent one to each attendee with their name....
We will be doing some paper cutting at Briancon.
I hope they will all find it as fun as I do.


  1. great idea Jone! Im sure they will all be looking forward to your class and very pleased to hear from you.

  2. Gorgeous Jone! I'm always so in awe of delicate work like this! REALLY lovely idea to send something to each of your course participants beforehand!

  3. Beautiful idea Jone! Clever girl. Good luck in France!! Be thinking of you. I was looking at photos of FlickR on the Les soueurs page and went to the Julie workshop I did in 2010. We had such a good group!! I wish I could see you all again some day. :)