Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thoughtyou might like to know that Julie Arkell has a lovely little exhibition showing at Wilton's Music Hall in London - with some new and wonderful 'crow' pieces, and some pictures. It opened last night and will be on display for a few months

If you're in the area- do drop in and have a look, and have a drink at the wonderful Mahogany Bar

Wilton's was the setting for the recent Stephen Poliakoff series on the BBC, and is well worth a visit anyway if you are in London



  1. How beautiful! Congratulations gorgeous Julie. Thanks for posting this.

  2. I will have Wilton's at the top of my London "to do" list! Thank you Cynthia for posting these beautiful photos. Julie's exhibit looks so great hung on those marvelous old brick walls! Hope you "girls" had a very fun opening night...now that gathering I would have loved to been part of!
    LOVE- Oolie