Monday, 25 February 2013

It's got to be good for you!!!

Thought this might be interesting - it was the frontispiece from an old Glove Making Book I found in the British Library.

Even though there's not been many posts for 2013, I'm sure you're all sneaking a peek at this blog now and then...



  1. ha!
    thanks for the article, Jodie.
    fun to read.....!

    hope you are well.....


  2. Hi Jone,
    Yep, I'm very well... just super busy in my graduating year. Had quite a bit of decorating done over Christmas/New Year too, so still tidying up after that. Have finished a website for my art - it's at - not quite PantryViolets stuff - but has an element of handicraft about it nevertheless. I am going to apply for a MA I've been enjoying the course so much - don't want to end my studentdom quite yet! Trust you and yours are all well and enjoying the start of 2013. Guess you have Briancon to look forward to this year - am tempted... but think perhaps the house renovations might have to take precedence this year!
    Bye for now. Hugs

  3. I love this, thanks for posting.