Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Christmas

Since I was not posting for so long, I have many photos of little things I made 
up to and during the Christmas holidays:

 I found some plain cut-out angels like these when I unpacked the ornaments
I thought I was pretty clever having cut them out last year...
...but thought myself even more clever to carve stamps this year
and stamp wings and faces on new cut-out angels.

With those stamps, I stamped a bunch of cards and sold them at a Holiday Faire.
I also sent some out, but, though I had intended to send them ALL out,
that did NOT happen..... sigh.......

Still, I hope all holidays were good and that you are ALL
as excited about the New Year as I am.

BTW, I am teaching at Briancon (!) this summer
and we will be carving some of our own rubber stamps
along with LOTS of other things.
August 13 thru 19
click HERE for more info

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