Friday, 1 June 2012

Mothers' Day

So, for Mother's Day last week (or two ago now - gosh)
I stitched this little something for my mom.
I still have to make it into the pillow I originally planned,
 but wanted to share the stitched image with you.

I could stitch all day long.

Di, I am envious of your Hen's Teeth Workshop...
What a fantastic group of goodies you have done.

Keep on with the creativity, ladies.
It is important that we not stop treating ourselves 
to that little bit of joy.....right?

click HERE to see the other piece I just finished.


  1. very sweet Jone! lovely project.

  2. Another lovey piece, Joni! I'd know your art anywhere. You have a beautiful sense of style.

    I am a back door observer of you dear pantry violets! Love the way you are all so amazingly creative. I spy on your blogs and admire you all from a distance. We creative women have the most wonderful way of relating, don't we? The creative community is so encouraging and I marvel at how we are all so different and yet similar. Wishing each one of you ever increasing creative joy and inspiration, and happiness this summer as you continue to stitch and paint and snip! I hope you don't mind having a friend of Joni's admire you from afar. Happy wishes to everyone!

  3. You are awesome, dear Sharyn!
    I will "link" your blog on my next post.

  4. mmm...Jone, you are soo productive, having not done anything handmade for so long I feel in awe of all of you who still find the energy to get out the needle and cotton while I flick the remote controller! xxxxx

  5. Hi Jone. Loving the stitching and bet your mom did too! I always love the colours u use and the Scandinavian feel that is ever present in your needlework.
    I agree with your friend Sharyn ( can't we join her up?) the support of creative women in groups is a powerful force!
    Much love to you and thank you for all your support in recent times! Xxdi