Monday, 16 April 2012

Bag Lady

Last September I set myself a mad target of of making 20 bags and they all had to be different. To date I am on number 18. For some fool reason I also decided to put them in our Local Artists Walkabout here in Bath in May and the local Fruit and Veg shop has very kindly leant me their premises for the day, so if your in Bath feel free to see "the bag lady" show on May 7th for some witty stitching and violet cupcakes.


  1. These bags are lovely. Love how they are all different. Wish I could go to the walkabout. How fun.

  2. JOANNA!!!!!
    I adore these bags! You are indeed genius, when set to a goal.
    Congratulations - wish I could be there on May 7th.....

    ....hope you sell them ALL!!!!


  3. They are gorgeous - hope you have matching shoes in similar quantities! How industrious.