Sunday, 9 October 2011

Birthday Zinnias for Becky!

Dear Miss October-
We were expecting our first overnight freeze so I dashed out with my flower scissors and gave all the flower beds a final haircut! These zinnia bouquets would have been left on your doorstep, Becky, if I lived around the corner in Malmoe........but a blog posting will have to do! I hope you are having a wonderful birthday. As always, you are tucked deep into my heart pocket! Your charmed necklace is gorgeous!!!!!!! I just love it! Have fun making them! You have inspired me right back! LOVE- Oolie


  1. Thank You So Much Oolie!
    The zinnias are gorgeous, my favorite flowers!
    I´m planning a "huge Oolie post" on VFT, I have beautiful photos to show of beautiful things, made by a beautiful October lady;)

    Yes you have really inspired me, I will do more necklaces!

    Love Love

  2. what a colourful arrangement of vases Oolie!
    And for such a lovely recipient too. It very grey and Octobery in Manchester and these flowers have brightened my day too!

  3. Zinnias are my favorite, happy very belated Becky!